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Facebook algorithm: Storytelling is the real winner in the new News Feed

For relevant content, Social Media Editorial departments need complex know-how to successfully use the Facebook algorithm. And: What’s best put into Ads.

Written by: Sabine Hoffmann November 26, 2014

Who should rule our story in social media?

Many companies leading social media communication fall into this trap: Focusing only on the active users. They think that the best thing to do is to observe their fans’ reactions and adapt the published messages to it. If the post gets a lot of likes and other positive reactions, they continue to repeat this theme […]

Written by: Norbert Kilen November 3, 2014

Social Ads in the Media Mix

Social Ads are gradually developing further as an element of the media mix and their significance is growing all the time. ambuzzador is clearly positioned in the Social Ad field and highlights the very latest developments and opportunities. #GenerationNOW Amongst other things, ambuzzador’s recent youth survey showed that media usage behaviour is changing more all […]

Written by: Sabine Hoffmann August 21, 2014

Chat-Apps – the excalibur of marketing?

Not only since Facebook bought Whatsapp for 16 billion dollars analysts ask themselves: How can Chat-Apps turn their potential into business models? And marketers wonder: How can I connect with my customers through those apps? There are unbounded imaginations – from data over service to storytelling. Many attempt to pull the sword out of the […]

Written by: Thomas Praus May 14, 2014

Nikon Boot(h)camp at Frequency

4 teams, 8 Nikon cameras, 1 festival, a lot of fun, dirt and mud! 8 users tested the Nikon Coolpix AW110 at the Austrian Frequency Festival and took a proper look at the advertised features: Is the camera really waterproof, dirt resistant and shockproof? The goal was to create an exciting campaign around the new […]

Written by: Thomas Praus September 26, 2013

The Engaging, the Fast and the Bulky – how do Europeans interact with brands on Facebook?

As a network of European social media agencies we often sit and compare cultural differences in between our countries. Are there any significant differences in how Dutch, Spaniards or Brits interact online? Do they have different approaches to interact with brands? We asked our friends from Socialbakers for some numbers to find out explicitly. We […]

Written by: Thomas Praus June 6, 2013

Facebook Global Pages: a look inside it!

One month has passed since October, the 17th, when Facebook announced the release of a major new feature ,global brand pages, that allow to manage the Facebook presence of a brand on a global level thanks to the new structure where all the communication elements will be located automatically, depending on the geographical origin of […]

Written by: Marco Massarotto November 15, 2012

The Generation of “Click Yes” Apps

When was the last time you actually had to fill out a form to register for a web service or application? It seems like history, no? All we have to do now is click “yes” a series of times and we are logged in and a new service is filled with our data. Facebook, Twitter, […]

Written by: Thomas Praus August 6, 2012

Facebook’s New Features: a quick review

According to PC World, Facebook’s huge changes respond to a more competing social networks market: Twitter and Google + are introducing other ways to manage and interact with friends, colleagues, people… Before the F8 conference, Facebook already introduced the smart list feature: Facebook automatically sorts lists for your close friends, family members, co-workers and people […]

Written by: Claire Goyat September 23, 2011