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The Engaging, the Fast and the Bulky – how do Europeans interact with brands on Facebook?

As a network of European social media agencies we often sit and compare cultural differences in between our countries. Are there any significant differences in how Dutch, Spaniards or Brits interact online? Do they have different approaches to interact with brands? We asked our friends from Socialbakers for some numbers to find out explicitly. We […]

Alexander Luecke Written by: Alexander Luecke June 6, 2013

The Second Screen phenomenon – marketing and social TV


Not long ago, many people thought TV was going to die. Too much of a one-way-communication, so much competition from games, apps, and internet video content were reasons to believe that the big TV and entertainment companies were on a similar way like the music industry: Bound in old structures and thinking, unable to adapt […]

Thomas Praus Written by: Thomas Praus November 17, 2011

Google+ for Brands: The Good, The Bad and the Muppets


Here’s a quick run down of some of the more interesting reactions to the launch. We hope you find them illuminating.

Roger Warner Written by: Roger Warner November 10, 2011