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What it takes to work in Social Media

A career in the social media might seem appealing at first for many. They have become the center of an increasingly growing galaxy of stories and new trends that draw many young people to them. However, a career in the social media is completely different from being good at managing your own profile at some […]

Laetitia Verdier Written by: Laetitia Verdier November 29, 2012

Box Network Expanding – Netherlands, Spain and Austria Now On Board and in Action

We’re very excited to announce the addition of Fortress (Netherlands), Tinkle (Spain) and ambuzzador (Austria) as new partners in our European network of independent Social Media agencies.

Written by: Claire Goyat May 16, 2012

Victorinox Campaign Report – Relax, Smells Like Swiss Spirit

After 10 weeks of our pan-European adventure with the Victorinox Fragrance operation “The Swiss Way of Freshness”, we’d like to share some numbers with you.

Written by: Florian January 27, 2012

Google+ for Brands: The Good, The Bad and the Muppets

Here’s a quick run down of some of the more interesting reactions to the launch. We hope you find them illuminating.

Written by: Claire Goyat November 10, 2011

Fresh from the UK: An Ultimate Guide to Facebook Edgerank

Edgerank is Facebook’s algorithm for determining what content shows up in a news feed. But not many marketeers are familiar with it. Learn more here…

Written by: Claire Goyat September 9, 2011

Social Media and PR for Europe and Beyond. Think Inside the Box.

Clients and agencies are rapidly professionalising the services and delivery mechanisms needed to do more effective work. We see this every day in the briefs we receive. And so, when the four of us (C&M, P3000, Hagakure and cgo&co) came together to discuss Box Network Europe for the first time, we were pleasantly surprised at how similar our working and reporting structures were and, critically, the common views we held about ownership, strategy, transparency and fairness.

Written by: Thomas Praus July 21, 2011