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Social media crisis: when feelings run high and the s*** hits the fan

Beware, shitstorm! At least for the latest edition of the Duden, the German standard lexicon and country’s equivalent of the Oxford English Dictionary, which recently included the English loanword among increasing anglicisms. Herein, Shitstorm is defined as follows: ‘Noun, masculine – a storm of protest in a communications medium of the internet, which is associated […]

Written by: Thomas Praus August 16, 2013

How to survive a Shitstorm

Brands and businesses in Social Media are challenged with direct communication daily. They have to stand up to questions and opinions from their stakeholders and customers. And sometimes things get rough because some things are not the things customers would like to hear – and companies would not like to talk about. This phenomenon is […]

Written by: Sabine Hoffmann October 29, 2012