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Gamification for durable and long term engagement

Who doesn’t like to play games? A fact is that marketers can learn a lot from our love for games. Within every branch, companies are looking for ways to engage their followers and they spend a fair amount building a community on a social media platform. In this blog, we want to take it a little further; how can you influence the behavior of Brand Ambassadors with gaming mechanisms – and how do you continue to motivate them?

Written by: Uri Roos July 11, 2014

5 Steps to Brand Ambassador Success

Brand ambassadors are influential people who can decrease the gap between a brand and consumers. In social media, they are responsible for a large part of all messages and conversations about a brand, product or service. Research shows, that only 6% of all Facebook fans are accountable for the total engagement. It makes sense to […]

Written by: Thomas Praus August 23, 2013