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“Austrian World Wide Wichteln” application. Let’s meet Wichtels on Christmas Time!

Secret Santa, Engerl & Bengerl, Amigo secreto, Lootjes trekken or Julklapp: It doesn’t matter what you call it, Wichteln is a lot of fun! Austrian Airlines and ambuzzador take the popular Austrian Christmas tradition online – so let’s wichtel! Wichtels are the elves who help load Santa’s sleigh with presents – and Wichteln is when [...]

Luca Written by: Luca December 24, 2013

The Box expands into the Eastern European region: Hello team Think Kong from Warsaw

We’re very excited to announce another addition to our European network of independent Social Media agencies: A warm welcome to Think Kong from Poland. Take a closer look, they are quite a catch. The agency supports companies in both, the B2B and B2C sector, has been awarded in international contests and works for brands like [...]

Silke Schlamp Written by: Silke Schlamp October 30, 2013

Why are digital mums different from the general digital population?

88 percent of mums use social media regularly compared to 77 percent of the general population. Mums are hyper connected and own, at least, one device. More than ever, mums are real multi-tasker, caring for their children and family, organizing their social life and moreover, working to earn money. Just like many other people, they [...]

Laetitia Verdier Written by: Laetitia Verdier October 25, 2013

Nikon Boot(h)camp at Frequency

4 teams, 8 Nikon cameras, 1 festival, a lot of fun, dirt and mud! 8 users tested the Nikon Coolpix AW110 at the Austrian Frequency Festival and took a proper look at the advertised features: Is the camera really waterproof, dirt resistant and shockproof? The goal was to create an exciting campaign around the new [...]

Silke Schlamp Written by: Silke Schlamp September 26, 2013

5 Steps to Brand Ambassador Success

Brand ambassadors are influential people who can decrease the gap between a brand and consumers. In social media, they are responsible for a large part of all messages and conversations about a brand, product or service. Research shows, that only 6% of all Facebook fans are accountable for the total engagement. It makes sense to [...]

Silke Schlamp Written by: Silke Schlamp August 23, 2013

Social media crisis: when feelings run high and the s*** hits the fan

Beware, shitstorm! At least for the latest edition of the Duden, the German standard lexicon and country’s equivalent of the Oxford English Dictionary, which recently included the English loanword among increasing anglicisms. Herein, Shitstorm is defined as follows: ‘Noun, masculine – a storm of protest in a communications medium of the internet, which is associated [...]

Silke Schlamp Written by: Silke Schlamp August 16, 2013

The Engaging, the Fast and the Bulky – how do Europeans interact with brands on Facebook?

As a network of European social media agencies we often sit and compare cultural differences in between our countries. Are there any significant differences in how Dutch, Spaniards or Brits interact online? Do they have different approaches to interact with brands? We asked our friends from Socialbakers for some numbers to find out explicitly. We [...]

Alexander Luecke Written by: Alexander Luecke June 6, 2013

Time To Talk About Quality

The dazzling speed at which the distribution and consumption of information has changed in the last 20 years is still blinding many of us when we think about content. We are aware of the information bubble, yet we keep feeding it and precipitating the feeling of information overload among our customers. In the belief we [...]

Rocio Nunez Written by: Rocio Nunez January 15, 2013

What marketers can learn from the US election

While Mitt Romney mostly targeted “white old men” with his naturally conservative messages, Barack Obama managed to reach a much broader audience: groups with different ethnic background, different education level and work situation, different ages, gender etc. This opened up his colorful catalogue of positions, nevertheless formed a new challenge for the campaign organization. Would [...]

Thomas Praus Written by: Thomas Praus December 6, 2012

What it takes to work in Social Media

A career in the social media might seem appealing at first for many. They have become the center of an increasingly growing galaxy of stories and new trends that draw many young people to them. However, a career in the social media is completely different from being good at managing your own profile at some [...]

Rocio Nunez Written by: Rocio Nunez November 29, 2012