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Trends2016 – ambuzzador’s Social Fitness Breakfast #20

70 marketing experts and online-communicators followed ambuzzador’s invitation to the 20th Social Fitness Breakfast. The purpose: Have a look into the future. The Trends of Social Media for 2016 should be diskussed. We formed several statements about what will be the trending topics this year.

Sabine Hoffmann Written by: Sabine Hoffmann February 10, 2016

#FlyMeTo – Innovation at the speed of airplanes

For really being innovative you need 3 things: the right Parnters, a perfect mindset and the best timing. Some also thing you’ll probably need the guts to just do it. Austrian Airlines, Simplewish & ambuzzador did it: The world’s first social crowdgifting for flights!

Sabine Hoffmann Written by: Sabine Hoffmann February 2, 2016


There is a lot of movement in our markets and our agencies are an active part. In Italy, we now have its biggest digital agency in our network. After the merger of Dnsee, Hagakure and Banzai Consulting they now present everything under the brand: DOING

Luca Written by: Luca June 9, 2015

Amanda Palmer’s Colourful Community

What does “fandom” have to do with the social business of today? Companies, too, can and must use the new social dynamics to involve their customers, strengthen owned communities, and generate lasting business impact.

Sabine Hoffmann Written by: Sabine Hoffmann January 23, 2015

Facebook algorithm: Storytelling is the real winner in the new News Feed

For relevant content, Social Media Editorial departments need complex know-how to successfully use the Facebook algorithm. And: What’s best put into Ads.

Sabine Hoffmann Written by: Sabine Hoffmann November 26, 2014

Who should rule our story in social media?

Many companies leading social media communication fall into this trap: Focusing only on the active users. They think that the best thing to do is to observe their fans’ reactions and adapt the published messages to it. If the post gets a lot of likes and other positive reactions, they continue to repeat this theme […]

Norbert Kilen Written by: Norbert Kilen November 3, 2014

Why should brands invest in social media?

There are many possible answers to a question like: „ why should I invest in social media for my brand?” but we do not hear the simplest one often…through social media channels we can simply reach the audience, that will never see the TV campaigns messages. Data from media houses and various studies shows, you can […]

Norbert Kilen Written by: Norbert Kilen October 8, 2014

#10yearsbuzz: ambuzzador celebrates its 10th anniversary

On 1 September 2004, the time had finally come for Sabine Hoffmann, ambuzzador’s founder and managing director, to take office – with the aim of spreading her unreserved passion for Buzz Marketing, something she had discovered in the USA two years beforehand. Near the end of the ‘anniversary month’, we once again congratulate Sabine on her achievements – and have invited her to talk about past achievements and of course her take on the future and the road to social business:

Sabine Hoffmann Written by: Sabine Hoffmann September 30, 2014

Steady growth in the Box Network

In this post, we would like to give you an overview about recent developments in our network as well as describe three main trends in our market. They go along with the growth our companies and services: 1) Owned technology is ever more important and an integral part of the whole digital value chain 2) […]

Thomas Praus Written by: Thomas Praus September 19, 2014

How Ambassadors are like Little Monsters

GaGa delivers on all levels by using as a way of not just collecting marketing data, but by personal interaction. The perfect example is GaGa choosing some of the best fan art uploaded onto the site and printing it on her merchandise for shows. The result? T-shirt sales up by 30% and even more devotees competing to get her attention on the platform.

Uri Roos Written by: Uri Roos September 18, 2014