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Why should brands invest in social media?

Written by: Norbert Kilen October 8, 2014  

There are many possible answers to a question like: „ why should I invest in social media for my brand?” but we do not hear the simplest one often…through social media channels we can simply reach the audience, that will never see the TV campaigns messages. Data from media houses and various studies shows, you can indeed find out that there is a some group of people “outside the TV World”. In fact, in Poland this group is really big and getting even bigger each day.

We carried a simple survey in Poland. We have prepared questions regarding the time people spend in from on TV and in social media. With a support of a SW Research Institute, we’ve asked a group of 800 Internet users in Poland. We’ve estimated that the whole population of Internet users in Poland is around 18 mln people.The results showed that almost 13% of Internet users in Poland do not watch TV at all! It is almost 2,3 mln people! A lot, right? Think Kong also asked about social media channels. 90% of all Polish Internet users use social networking platforms. We have rejected those who declare that they spend on sites of this type less than 5 hours per week. We assumed that by doing this, they except people who check those services occasionally. How many people were left? The results showed 8,1%, which gave 1,5 mln Polish online users. These many people do not watch TV at all, and spend more than 5 hours weekly in social media services. Interesting, how could it be in other countries.

For marketers this result is significant. According to our research it is a clear message, that trough social media in Poland you can implement campaigns reaching a large audience of those who are “missed” by the TV. In addition, as indicated by the analysis of detailed data, most of these people (20%!) are in a group of younger consumers (18-24 years old). If you communicate to this group – social media is therefore mandatory for you!

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