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Who should rule our story in social media?

Written by: Norbert Kilen November 3, 2014  

Many companies leading social media communication fall into this trap: Focusing only on the active users. They think that the best thing to do is to observe their fans’ reactions and adapt the published messages to it. If the post gets a lot of likes and other positive reactions, they continue to repeat this theme in the following posts. If the post gets less likes, it will never be repeated.

Following the response rates makes sense, but only limited. In fact, the number of ‘likes’ says little about the actual reception of content amongst fans. Because it is missing the people seeing content without interacting.

From the research made by Millward Brown on a group of 500 internet users we can see that a big group of people do not react at all to content coming from brands, which they can see in their newsfeed.  They do not click “like” or “share” even if they like the post. They also do not comment or criticize. Most of the recipients of our content in social media are WATCHERS. Low active people have an opinion about our communication – but they do not express it.

Watchers vs. likers in social media

While measuring interaction, you are focusing too much on the active part of your audience. And this might blur your view on the things you actually want to say. Despite communicating your brand story, you will be trying to entertain your fans. Despite talking about your product and convincing fans to actually buy it, you will be publishing LOL-content, jokes without any value for the brand. Plus you will be doing something many other brands do.

Think about it. It’s time for brands to become more confident in their content and less dependent on interaction data.

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