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What it takes to work in Social Media

Laetitia Verdier Written by: Laetitia Verdier November 29, 2012  

A career in the social media might seem appealing at first for many. They have become the center of an increasingly growing galaxy of stories and new trends that draw many young people to them. However, a career in the social media is completely different from being good at managing your own profile at some social network and connecting with thousands of individuals in your free time.

Carrie Peterson recently described ten must-have traits for anyone whishing to develop a career in the social media. It might sound paradoxical but she is actually describing a person coming from a rather different background. The trait she places at the bottom of the list, to be social, should come first. Not because of the obvious wordgame, but due to the need of guiding every professional’s behavior with a deep knowledge of how life in the real world is.

Social Media is about engaging people who are probably not enthusiastic about the social media nor care about the latest trends or the latest network. Instead, they care about their problems, jobs, relationships and any possible other life issue. They use the social media as a simple tool for reaching their closest people, satisfy their need for attention, seek like-minded people, vent their anger or spy on their ex. The need for a professional of the new media to be “social” means he has a direct understanding of how these issues affect the people behind the profiles he engages. This person has lived or reflected on the extreme diversity of situations people fare through life and is ready to listen, understand and react in the most suitable way to connect with the audience. The ideal social media professional needs to be a person with the widest culture possible and a strong emotional intelligence. Only then knowledge about analytics, PR or the latest viral will be of use.