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Victorinox Campaign Report – Relax, Smells Like Swiss Spirit

Written by: Florian January 27, 2012  

After 10 weeks of our pan-European adventure with the Victorinox Fragrance operation “The Swiss Way of Freshness”, we’d like to share some numbers with you.

Our challenge was to inform people throughout Europe that Victorinox is not just about Swiss Army knifes – it’s also all about fragrances (and branding and image). An additional objective for the work was to encourage people to order a sample of the product so that they could get to know the fragrances and enjoy them for themselves.

Our ultimate conversion target was sales growth in the online shop during the campaign.

The program was run in four countries: UK, France, Germany & Switzerland. We had great content: a world first 360° underwater movie in a Swiss mountain lake. We also had a strong content distribution strategy via the Box Network of Social PR agencies. The movie was integrated in an online widget which any blogger (or social platform) could embed and share with ease. In this widget a sample ordering and surprise a friend (share) mechanism was implemented – so that people could order for themselves and also order for a friend (which most of them did).

Here’s the video, conceived and built by ourselves:

Our final results after 10 weeks are:

  • Over 20,000 samples ordered
  • Significant sales uplift during the campaign in the online shop

Further data shows the spread of our message…

Mention volumes by day by site type

Mention volumes by top site

Sentiment of all mentions

(Social Media measurement data and intelligent help from…)

Brandwatch Social Media Monitoring

The country hit list (campaign web site traffic vs. sample order rate)

1. UK = 48.5% Vs. 59%
2. France = 22.5% Vs. 28%
3. Germany = 6% Vs. 8%
4. Switzerland = 5% Vs. 5%

The fragrance hit list (most ordered sample)

1. (30%)

2. (19%)

=3.   (16%)

=3. (16%)

4. (12%)

5. (7%)