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The Evolution from Branding to Social Branding

Written by: Sabine Hoffmann July 6, 2012  

The world of brand management has changed, which is illustrated in the “Communicative Cosmos” developed by ambuzzador: Brands have been focusing and specialising on “manipulation from the outside” when trying to influence the public opinion by campaigning, sponsoring and public relations. But it has always been brewing inside of the communicative cosmos – and now there is an outlet into the public.

Thanks to social media such as forums, blogs, YouTube, but also Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest and the like, discussions about moments and experiences with companies, brands, products and services are happening in the digital public – documented forevereasily detectable by Internet search and, thanks to social networks, easily shareable. Journalists take up discussions as a part of the communicative cosmos and bring them into the public. Thus brands no longer have the choice of ignoring their digital reputation.

Knowing, challenging and boosting the online discourse is in fact wanted to authentically anchor a brand in dialogue groups, in order for the desired buzz effect for recommendation to come into operation. Together with our customers, we perform pioneer work daily to make their business fit for the socio-economic change and to bring their organisation into line with the new laws of interactive and participatory communication caused by Social Media!

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