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Steady growth in the Box Network

Written by: Thomas Praus September 19, 2014  

In this post, we would like to give you an overview about recent developments in our network as well as describe three main trends in our market. They go along with the growth our companies and services:

1) Owned technology is ever more important and an integral part of the whole digital value chain
2) Brands need owned platforms and assets to form relationships with their target groups
3) Digital agencies move from executors to consultants and help companies shape the digital change of their businesses

These trends reflect in what we see in the market as well as in the the development of our network partners as you will see below. One more prove is a study conducted by CoUNDCo and others.

The study „social business solutions“ done by CoUNDCo (in German), one of Switzerland’s leading digital agency and Box Network partner found in a survey what companies expect from social media and digital and what the reality of these expectations looks like. The result: a huge gap. No adequate measurement, insufficient budgets and no owned platforms and data. On the other hand: Huge expectations of the potential of digital media. For us, this means: more consulting, more work on owned platforms and bringing technology into the companies we are working for.

With these market trends in mind, we take a look at the development of our network.

What’s new in the Box?

After onboarding Think Kong, Poland’s leading social media agency last year, all network companies are growing also within their markets.

In the UK, Content&Motion was aquired by Bynd and is now serving clients like Virgin, Facebook and Google with „data driven experience design“. With their offices in San Francisco and New York, the Box is now present in the US as well. Their experience and expertise is extremely valuable to all of us. We are finally embracing the whole digital value chain: Analysis of data and understanding of users, idea, creation and maintenance of digital platforms and communities as well as the distribution of content.

We see a similar development in Italy. The biggest social and digital pr agency Hagakure, founding member of the Box Network, merged with dnsee interactive thinking becoming Italy’s biggest digital agency. Their recent key project was the development of a car sharing system for Fiat and eni. The service portfolio is quite similar to Bynd’s: creating the whole digital ecosystem from analysis to design, production and content and consulting.

Also on the Iberian peninsular we are seeing a strong development. Our partner Tinkle does not only grow in Spain and Portugal but also opened an office in Singapur to tap into the big Asian market.

France and Germany see strong growth with their teams and show great creativity with their projetcs. Cgo&Co in France surprise us again and again with cool ideas for Tommee Tippee and Felco, two market leaders in their categories. PANORAMA3000, the German office in Berlin, is now 20 heads strong and recently won the prestigious German award for online communication for “best digital strategy” by crafting the global introduction of the world’s market leader in chainsaws, STIHL, into social media.

Frtrss from Amsterdam just finished their brand relaunch and strengthed their position as ambassador marketers. The dutch have always been strong promoters of owned platforms and drive a development we see in the whole European market: brands create their own digital assets and communities and move beyond simple brand websites and being pesent in social networks. In order to build direct relationships with their consumers and generate data about their market they need platforms where they can offer tailor made programs and apps. Frtrss built a framework and web software for this which they swiftly customized for brands like Ici Paris and Asics.

Austria’s leading digital agency, ambuzzador also works on this development. Their motto: Social media means social business and has impact on all organizational departments. Like all other network agencies, ambuzzador is becoming a consultancy rather than a service provider.

What’s the take then?

The syntheis of our development and the market trends shows us: We are looking at a whole new category in the communications market. It’s beyond marketing and pr, more than web development and not even social media or business consulting. We have the chance and the unique conditions to help companies shape the digital change. Only we have the combination of deep knowledge about the user behaviour, the technology and the situation of our clients, with all chances and risks.

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