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Social Media and PR for Europe and Beyond. Think Inside the Box.

Written by: Thomas Praus July 21, 2011  

We’re launching Box Network Europe – a specialist, integrated network of independent Social PR agencies for Europe. We’re doing it now because it’s needed now. Here’s why…

The Social Media marketplace is beginning to mature. Everyone has now had their first experiences, with varying levels of success.

Those brands who enjoyed it first time around are refining their groove, to great success. Those that were disappointed have abandoned their initial plans and gone back to the drawing board to figure out how to do it better next time around.

But one thing’s for sure – it’s all good and built to last. Social Media platforms and apps are now the cornerstones of solid businesses. In the world of communications it’s an integral part of campaigns and strategies because – most importantly – it’s a central part of consumer life, every hour of every day of the week.

Clients and agencies are rapidly professionalising the services and delivery mechanisms needed to do more effective PR work within Social Media. We see this every day in the briefs we receive. And so, when the four of us (C&M, P3000, Hagakure and cgo&co) came together to discuss Box Network Europe for the first time, we were pleasantly surprised at how similar our working and reporting structures were and, critically, the common views we held about ownership, strategy, transparency and fairness.

It’s good to know that these values and structures have nothing to do with cultures or languages. Generally, most agencies and international brand managers now know what they need and how they want to manage it.

But, beyond philosophies, goals and approaches, a critical and permanent difference exists in the realms of Social and communications. How people interact, influence, converse and congregate is – and always will be – a matter of culture and language. Politics, media diets, national events and celebrity all play important roles in defining great Social Media strategies – and all of them are highly localised.

So, every international brand faces a dual challenge. On one hand, our communications field provides global platforms, common techniques and many shared values. This is great news as it enables consistent planning, management and execution. But on the other hand, local audiences are extremely diverse – separated by language, culture and traditions, especially in Europe. (Just try to get a Frenchman and a Brit to agree on anything! : )

This is why Box Network Europe now exists.

The Box Network provides a one-stop-shop of specialist, interlinked and trusted Social Media agencies who together are able to deliver unique and creative solutions to Online marketing and PR problems by executing them on an extremely local, customised basis.

Because we’re truly international, we can always deliver relevancy – that key ingredient of any Social campaign. We know who cares the most, what they care about and why – in all of the key markets.

We are a box of pick-and-mix cookies – each individual part represents a specialism (language, technical skill and/or core competency) that can be put together as a complete menu of options to deliver an integrated European Social Media program which has immediate scale and coverage and fits hand in glove with a global brand marketing strategy. We are independent, fast, creative and smart. We’re also big enough to deliver serious results.

We’re already delivering outstanding results for big brands like TomTom, Fiat, Becks, Samsung and other market leaders.

If you’re an international brand manager in need of integrated help, then we’d love to talk to you. We’d also love to hear from other prospective partners who are interested in becoming part of the Box.

Now is the right time. Think talent, think local. Think inside the Box.