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Social Ads in the Media Mix

Written by: Sabine Hoffmann August 21, 2014  

Social Ads are gradually developing further as an element of the media mix and their significance is growing all the time. ambuzzador is clearly positioned in the Social Ad field and highlights the very latest developments and opportunities.


Amongst other things, ambuzzador’s recent youth survey showed that media usage behaviour is changing more all the time. Whereas the motives of consumers remain broadly similar, the introduction of new technology changes our behaviour. Generation Now is the first target audience with purchasing power to have grown up with the internet. Impulses such as parallel media usage and the desire to design those media in our own image are becoming stronger all the time.

Today’s young people want to decide for themselves when and how they consume content. As they do so, media content is created in, and from, their everyday lives. As a result, the way in which companies and people communicate with one another is being fundamentally transformed: in the new ecosystem of brand leadership, the community is maturing into an independent player. The integration of the community into business processes is providing momentum for entrepreneurial innovation, strengthening brand loyalty, and creating crucial business impact.

Precisely targeting specific audiences with a high hit ratio

Precise targeting drastically increases the efficiency of ads. Interest-based and behaviour-based targeting needs to be distinguished here in particular, as a method which not only lets brands direct targeted addresses at like-minded fans or products, but also lets them do the same for visitors to their websites.

On Facebook, it’s possible to achieve levels of up to 92 percent ‘on target’ in this way – reaching exactly the people you should be reaching. To put this figure in some sort of context, standard online ads (display) only give the user a figure of around 31 percent ‘on target’. Thanks to the high reach of Facebook, YouTube and other Social Media channels, Social Ads function both as pure image and branding campaigns as well as providing directly measurable business impact and increasing sales in the performance sector. And the best thing about all this: Thanks to native advertising, users often don’t even perceive the advertising as such, so it’s more likely to remain in their memory.

ambuzzador's Sabine Hoffmann

ambuzzador’s Sabine Hoffmann presenting the new Media Mix

As Sabine Hoffmann, managing director of ambuzzador, put it: “The community creates stories around the brand. Taken individually, these stories don’t have such high viewer ratios as expensive TV spots – but this is more than offset by their quantity and highly relevant content. We are particularly inspired by what our friends and family tell us.” This success can also be measured in figures: when done right, Social Ads demonstrate outstanding sales conversion, and meet the demanding targets of the ROI.

Convergence in the media mix

Increasingly, paid, own and earned media are converging as a result of focussing on communities. In the past, TV, print and radio counted as ‘paid media’, while a user’s website and own communities were viewed as ‘owned media’. People’s private conversations and recommendations of a brand, meanwhile, were defined as ‘earned media’. Earned media, naturally enough, has always been present on social networks.

As time went by, companies began developing their Social Media presences, as a result of which owned and earned media converged. A further phase is now just beginning to take effect, with the monetarisation of social networks: Users are communicating online with and about brands, which are fuelling this dialogue in turn with continually changing conversational material and Social Ads. These measures are primarily serving the development of owned media, with examples including own service communities, customers-help-customers communities, and forums where product experts and brand ambassadors can interact. This is taking the pressure off customer service, and permanently strengthening the recognition level and reputation the brand enjoys.

The documents accompanying the Social Fitness Breakfast are available to download (in German) here.