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Nikon Boot(h)camp at Frequency

Written by: Thomas Praus September 26, 2013  

4 teams, 8 Nikon cameras, 1 festival, a lot of fun, dirt and mud! 8 users tested the Nikon Coolpix AW110 at the Austrian Frequency Festival and took a proper look at the advertised features: Is the camera really waterproof, dirt resistant and shockproof?

The goal was to create an exciting campaign around the new Nikon Coolpix AW110 – which was combined with the already existing cooperation at Frequency Festival. More than 370 people followed the call to apply for the Boot(h)camp on Facebook.


In the end 4 teams, with each team consisting of 2 people, were chosen from the large pool of applicants. The teams had a go at the new outdoor digital camera from Nikon and supplied the Facebook community with personal statements and photos within the Tryvertising platform brand n’You founded by ambuzzador.

Perfect outdoor camera for every user

The waterproof digital camera was sent on a dive in the Traisen, participated in a mud fight and was always in the thick of the party. Sabine and Lucia of Team Orange were pleasantly surprised: “Despite the dancing crowd the camera held firm. Our initial concerns about impact resistance were quickly forgotten when the camera slipped out of the hands during pogo dancing – and still worked flawlessly afterwards”.


The teams were supported on-site by the ambuzzador and Nikon Austria team.

52 reviews and more than 448,000 individual views

The young testimonials gave an account of their personal experiences with the Nikon Coolpix in a total of 52 test reports – and sparked a huge interest not only within the community: More than 448,000 individuals looked at the posts of the Nikon Austria Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/nikon.austria) and saw how the AW 110 proved itself again and again – against water, mud, heat and even ice cream. The post-campaign reporting included a viral video which was shared on YouTube and Facebook and spread more than 300 times on the first day.