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How to survive a Shitstorm

Written by: Sabine Hoffmann October 29, 2012  

Brands and businesses in Social Media are challenged with direct communication daily. They have to stand up to questions and opinions from their stakeholders and customers. And sometimes things get rough because some things are not the things customers would like to hear – and companies would not like to talk about. This phenomenon is called a Shitstorm.
To counter this massive attack from an angry community, ambuzzador has prepared a booklet with all the important information you as a social media manager will need to counter a Shitstorm. “How to survive a Shitstorm” provides you with tools and strategies you’ll want to use to weather a storm on your Social Media Pages.

The main character of this manual is Hans. He is the Social Media Manager of a fictional company: Schokoglück GmbH, a chocolate company. How can something bad happen to something good as chocolate? Well, you’ll see.
A documentary has revealed shocking material about the cacao-plantations from which Schokoglück gets its most important resource: cacao. Now the community is furious and Hans has a full grown Shitstorm on his pages.

Using this fictional example “How to survive a Shitstorm” will provide you 10 tips how to counter the storm. You’ll have a typology of shitstorms, a list of the most common mistakes during a Shitstorm and ways to make it right.

Additionally to this booklet, ambuzzador offers a special Shitstormtraining to train for this specific event. At the buzzattack 2012 this training was a part of the program and a great success.

Download our manual now and enjoy the reading. ;)
How To Survive A Shitstom
A manual to survive a Shitstorm.
Download: How To Survive A Shitstorm

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