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Written by: Marco Massarotto June 9, 2015  

There is a lot of movement in our markets and our agencies are an active part. In Italy, we now have its biggest digital agency in our network. After the merger of Dnsee, Hagakure and Banzai Consulting they now present everything under the brand: DOING

Marco Massarotto, founding member of the Box Network talks about the new company: “DOING is home to 240 digital natives who combine business experience, creativity and technological know how while focusing on people, delivering real solutions and constant evolution. Our ideas connect products to people. We never stop, just like the world around us. DOING is a full service digital agency founded in 2015. A new born company, but with a great history.”

The origins of the group date back to 2000, year of the foundation of Dnsee. 2012, after years of organic growth, Dnsee aimed to create the first “end to end” player in the digital marketing arena. In the last two years thanks to targeted acquisitions, Dnsee has integrated the best vertical competences amongst independent agencies in its reference market, thus enabling unique value proposition. Today the three agencies merged in a single company, DOING with over 23 millions € revenues continues a great story and begins to write another.

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