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Fresh from the UK: An Ultimate Guide to Facebook Edgerank

Written by: Claire Goyat September 9, 2011  

Is Edgerank the new Pagerank? We think so. In fact it’s many things. Edgerank is the algorithm that Facebook uses to determine what content shows up in a news feed. Think about that from a campaign perspective. It will be the difference between striking gold and striking out. But not many marketeers are familiar with it.

Thankfully, the good people of Econsultancy (the UK’s premier digital marketing community), and guest blogger @KelvinNewman have laid it all out for you in a new post this week. It’s an epic/good read. Tells you all you need to know about the Affinity, Edge Weight and Recency factors that will get your Facebook work off the ground.

For more on the subject, you can also check this C&M Edgerank post from back in March. We’re of the mind that Edgerank is a critical piece of PR ammunition – the thing that finally blurs all distinctions between SEO-thinking and PR-thinking. Get with the geeks. Check it out.

And if you prefer your learning in moving pictures, then here’s a couple of videos explaining the ins and outs of Edgerank. One from me – on why it’s strategically important to campaign planning, and one from Box partner Matt Monahan from Epic Social on the nuts and bolts of how it works.

Enjoy : )