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First day LeWeb’11 with IBM bloggers team

Written by: Claire Goyat December 8, 2011  

The Box Network is attending the event as sidekick to IBM in its team of hardcore bloggers. It’s a sell out event with around 3,300 delegates from more than 60 countries…

We started this morning with the interview of Delphine Remy-Boutang, Worldwide Social Media Marketing Manager at IBM.  “New technologies are not just about technology. The human factor is essential.”

IBM is an old lady in comparison with all the teenagers around (Google is 16 years old!) but this Lady has exciting news. IBM is working at the core of the social business development worldwide.
For example, the 8 new IBM Apps for tablets launched today let employees use tablets and other mobile devices within the workplace : saving time, enhancing networking and facilitating project management…

The plenary sessions were all very attractive today with the presence of my favorite French stylist and star: Karl Lagerfeld. Another “old” man (Sorry Karl but it is true), a great paper book reader, who is also drawing thousands of portraits on his 40 iPads! By the way, the future Karl Lagerfeld collection will be released online worldwide on January 2012 with his partner : Net à porter another web success story.


Briefly, I discovered the mobile dating social network Badoo, 130 millions users worldwide, very profitable with 150 millions Dollars of revenue. I walked along the different stands and listened to the presentation of voyages-sncf.com (3 MM € turnover – 55 millions train tickets sold per year).

51% of tickets sold the day before the departure come from mobile phones with a share of 15% on iPad.

In the afternoon, Eric Schmidt, CEO Google and Joanna Shields, VP of Sales and business development Facebook announced new features respectively for Android 4.0 and the button subscribe. The social news apps on Facebook are a real success (The Guardian: more than 4 millions uploads).
Here is a short video: Eric Schmidt‘s vision on the difficult balance between state regulations and instantaneity, web ubiquity and the use of millions of mobile devices around the world.



The last figures released by Kevin Systrom,  Instagram CEO and Dennis Crowley, Foursquare co-founder and CEO are amazing.

Foursquare evolving as a worldwide cities guide
15 millions users
4 millions check-in per day
50% non US users

Instagram : launched in October 2010
14 millions users
60 photos shared per second
For… less than 10 employees

At the end of the day, I met start-ups with very young, talented and enthusiastic people. One of the start-up competition finalist @ARNnav_eu, is an app for pedestrians & tourists. It uses Augmented Reality which extremely simplifies navigation and provides directions to nearby points of interests. The Neiio team from Montpellier present a platform helping to organize and to sort out all your contacts from all your social networks. They have a partnership with Salesforce.


Some links to have a full coverage of the event.

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