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Facebook Studio: Display window for Facebook advertisers

Written by: Sabine Hoffmann September 4, 2012  

On Facebook Studio, agencies can put their Facebook creations into the spotlight.

There are many inspiring Facebook campaigns. Every day, countless creatives scattered around the whole world mull over how to offer content to Facebook users which entertains, encourages them to participate and conveys a message at the same time. But the time of glory and honour often only lasts for a short while; on schedule, the small works of art quickly vanish into digital nirvana. But fortunately, there is a place in the World Wide Web where the creative masterpieces are properly paid homage to. This place is called Facebook Studio.

Display window for advertisers

Facebook Studio was started by Facebook in 2012. Its goal is to offer Facebook campaigns and their creators a display window. „Facebook Studio is a resource where you can get recognized for your work, be inspired by great campaigns from around the world and learn how to strengthen your Facebook strategies“, according to their own definition. „It’s one big community, so make yourself at home!“

In practice it looks like this: Advertisers can upload image, videos and pictures of their campaigns on Facebook Studio and thus make them accessible for visitors. The best campaigns are even awarded a prize. The criteria: Is a campaign social? Is it maxing out Facebook’s marketing potential? Are other medial channels integrated? And is it easy for users to interact with and share the content? A jury of six is judging based on these questions.

On Facebook Studio, there are also two campaigns by ambuzzador, member of The Box: „Steal the Stiegl Maypole“, which has transferred an old Austrian tradition into the Social Web  and the Web Comic „Another Day. Another Adventure.“ for Mini, for which Facebook users wrote a story together.

Interactive learning programme

Facebook Studio indeed enjoys priority for Facebook – this is proven by the rollout of Facebook Studio Edge. It is a „modular interactive learning programme“, which has been in private beta for a short time. Facebook Studio Edge is to help agencies to stay up-to-date. The issues include news about Facebook pages, ads and the corresponding algorithms. Keen participants may even be happy about receiving Badges.

For a more visual approach to the subject matter, you can check out the campaigns in the gallery.

http://www.facebook-studio.com (incl. screenshot)

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