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Facebook Global Pages: a look inside it!

Written by: Marco Massarotto November 15, 2012  

One month has passed since October, the 17th, when Facebook announced the release of a major new feature ,global brand pages, that allow to manage the Facebook presence of a brand on a global level thanks to the new structure where all the communication elements will be located automatically, depending on the geographical origin of the user (though it’s still possible to switch country manually). We experienced it for the brand Abarth (probably one of the first Italian brands to have a Global Page on Facebook).

Concretely, this feature provides a unique hub of local Facebook pages managed in an integrated manner that will aggregate the number of fans of all nations. This helps to support international brand strategies without forgetting to give tailored content and a Facebook experience to meet the specific communication needs of each single market. This new struscture includes a global page and a series of local pages for specific markets (available both by individual nations and geographical groups). As an example, a French user liking the global page will be redirected to the local French market page automatically.

What advantages for a brand?

  • Local markets will continue to be able to change their cover image and to create custom logos, information, tabs and updates.
  • Local pages will have more readership and will automatically be the home of targeted local users.
  • The structure will provide users with a global brand identity as the page name will be the same for all versions of the page (with appropriate translations depending on the country) and also the number of fans will be the aggregate of the global page and local pages.
  • Further changes and improvements to the system that will make it easier to track individual audience markets analytics with custom metrics depending on the country, have been announced for the future.
  • The brand can promote a single address in all global advertising campaigns, Facebook will direct the user to deal with the localized version of the page.
  • Insights are shown globally so the manager can have a look at the overall performance of all pages. Anyway, switching the managing to local pages, the social media manager will obtain all the datas on a specific market needed.

In conclusion, thanks to this new feature, we highlight a growing importance of every single country’s editorial project due to the increase of the number of fans of the local market pages (Facebook redirects fans of the “old” international page to single local pages).

For sure a step beyond, helping multinational brands to coordinate and better control all the activities of every single country.

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