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Coping with the New Rise of Visual Content

Laetitia Verdier Written by: Laetitia Verdier October 5, 2012  

The rise of Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook’s Timeline or even Storify have precipitated a new success of visual content on the social media. Among the reasons why people seem to be more attached to visual content are its more intense emotional impact, the easyness to feel attachment to it and even use it to build an identity, which are among the reasons why we all got into social media in the first place. The final result is this kind of content is shared up to twelve times more than text if done right.

Therefore brands and those involved in daily work with the social media should be aware of its value and of how it works. It is true they might need to start thinking like photo editors in the media (which is another reason why journalists do make good community managers). A few practical steps for anyone interested in understanding how to better deal with this kind of content would be:

  • Reflecting on what makes visual content generally more engaging: what has happened to create this new wave of visual dominance? Why do people love visual content so much? To what extent is good for our brand? What are its strengths and limitations? Does this mean good texts are doomed?
  • Remembering good content is always good content: Just shifting to visual content won’t do it. Quality is still a must.
  • Familiarice yourself with photo-editing tools: A quick twitch may save the day or help you make a good point visually. Visual language has its own rules and we need to know how to work with them.
  • Do not forget visual content also has its limitations: It is a great way for initiating engagement and reaching good results quickly. But it is meaning what creates a loyal base of followers and for that you might end up needing text as well. Just as we all do in our daily lives.

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