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Brandnew IO and Box Network partner to provide the ultimate in Instagram native advertising

Written by: Thomas Praus June 20, 2014  

Since its launch in 2010, Instagram has been on the rise and although it may not be able compete with larger social networks in terms of user numbers, as far as brand engagement is concerned Instagram is way ahead of the pack. A recent study by Forrester revealed how Instagram surpasses Facebook and Twitter with brand engagement rates 58 and 120 times higher, respectively. Brands can not only reach hundreds of thousands of people through their own Instagram accounts, but there is also a wealth of influential Instagramers with whom they can cooperate, many of which have a real connection with their followers, lending a personal tone the campaigns which they deliver through the native setting of Instagram.

We at the Box Network have noticed an increasing demand in the industry for Instagram campaigns. In order to provide our clients with the best possible service, we have teamed up with Brandnew IO, naming them as our preferred partner for Instagram. Representing a top selection of agency talent, we offer analytics, creative, digital PR and media relations, among a long list of other options. Brands can select the elements from our wide range of skill sets to best suit their needs. We bring coverage from all over Europe, including the UK, France, Germany and beyond, and have collaborated with a long list of well recognised brands such as Fiat, Samsung, TomTom, Expedia, O2 and Microsoft.

Brandnew is a Berlin-based startup which has established an ever-growing network of influential social media users and seeks to connect brands with these influencers. With a focus on Instagram, Brandnew offers a choice of over 800 social media profiles, totalling a reach of over 170 million people, so there is always the perfect match for every brand. Currently their network is the largest global network of its kind, consisting of influencers from The United States, Europe and Asia Pacific. Brandnew already has some top brand names under its belt, having worked with the likes of ASOS, adidas, Lufthansa, Ford, Uber and Coca Cola.

The partnership between Brandnew and Box Network enables us to fuse our expertise in the area of digital marketing. The mash up of Brandnew’s influencer network with the Box Network’s creativity and skills makes us an unstoppable force on the European digital marketing front.