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Box Network for Emmi CAFFÈ LATTE

Written by: Thomas Praus May 3, 2012  

Since 2011 the Box Network has been working with Swiss dairy producer Emmi, on its product Emmi CAFFÈ LATTE, a refreshing to-go coffee drink.

Being one of Europe’s biggest dairy producers, Emmi were looking for an agency solution which provides insights and services from key markets, mainly Switzerland, Austria, Germany and Great Britain. We set up the social media and content strategy, are running the main social media profiles and campaigns and do extensive evaluation. It is Emmi’s target to learn from its flagship’s product’s experience for all other brands the company offers.

The product focus for 2012 is the limited Emmi CAFFÈ LATTE Tahiti Vanilla Edition with premium and genuine Tahiti Vanilla. The tv ad and content for the tv cooperation partner “Germany’s next Topmodel” was shot in Tahiti and the team came back with some amazing footage from the island. We used these videos to each explain a challenge in a running online game with the main prize to win a trip to Tahiti over 10 weeks.

We combined the popular challenge and game mechanic with lots of interesting and beautiful visual material from Tahiti to create a whole exotic and luxurious world around the drink. The stunning videos helped us to organize 10 media cooperations who all present one of the weeks challenges. The main prize is a great trigger for online advertising and in total has resulted in nearly 50,000 players and more than 60,000 Facebook fans so far. Finally, the fans help a lot to make this game a success and use the invite functionality extensively. Plus there are still 4 more weeks to go!

Travel, fashion, lifestyle and indulgence being the main subjects to build content around, we also provide the fans with lots of visual material to share with their friends and bring some Tahiti feeling to Europe. And it works great, people like to share the pictures and little games and quests we share with them.

To kickstart the limited edition we invited people to test the drink and have an exclusive package sent home. More than 2,000 people applied to be one of the testers which left us with surprise and excitement. Too bad we could not send a pack to each of them! The testers produced a lot of nice blog posts with interesting insights about the product and the packaging.

We measure our efforts with several tools, including Brandwatch and Social Bakers and feedback to Emmi so the whole brand management team can learn from our experiences. Below you can see a report about how Emmi CAFFÈ LATTE dominates the online conversation compared to its competitors.

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