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Are Brands Screwing Up on Social? 75% of Followers Think There’s Too Much Noise

Written by: Claire Goyat March 6, 2012  

Are brands screwing up on Social Media?

Last week we at C&M published a great little research report into consumer ‘likes’ and ‘dislikes’ about brand behaviour on Facebook and other social channels (in association with our consumer polling friends at TolunaQuick.).

It’s drawn from an international panel of around 3,000 people. The findings are simple, but fundamental to successful campaign planning and execution.

Take a look.

Snapshot findings:

* 50% of people feel overwhelmed by brand messages on social media

* 75% of folks feel 1-2 brand messages a day is too much

But there’s also plenty to cheer about if you’re a brand marketing manager. For instance…

* 45% of people choose to interact with brands on social media channels

* …of those folks 60% are happy to share brand messages and 27% like to share info about brand purchases

Summary conclusions:

* Traditional media isn’t dead
* People are overwhelmed by too much brand activity at times
* But they’re very much on board with brands being part of their social media life
* Success lies in smart, creative execution – and an understanding of why folks use social media in the first place
* Sensible planning and expectation setting is key to delivering successful campaigns
* A lack of sanity and charisma can and will be fatal

See the report for more information and best practice guidance on effective social PR program delivery.

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