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#10yearsbuzz: ambuzzador celebrates its 10th anniversary

Written by: Sabine Hoffmann September 30, 2014  

On 1 September 2004, the time had finally come for Sabine Hoffmann, ambuzzador’s founder and managing director, to take office – with the aim of spreading her unreserved passion for Buzz Marketing, something she had discovered in the USA two years beforehand. Near the end of the ‘anniversary month’, we once again congratulate Sabine on her achievements – and have invited her to talk about past achievements and of course her take on the future and the road to social business:

The ambuzzador team has been identifying ambassadors for brands and creating a buzz since 2004. This was the focus of its efforts for the first four years after the company was founded, while it has been on social media since 2008. Always having a vision in mind, designing organisations to be as porous and as flexible as possible, to enable them to benefit from the commitment of the individual (member of staff and customer) in real time, in the form of innovative power.

People with a heart

Today I would like to offer my heartfelt thanks to everybody who has helped design and has made possible the successful path ambuzzador has taken. First and foremost, I’d like to thank the loyal ambuzzador clients who gift us their trust each and every day so we can do our pioneering work together. And I’d like to thank every single member of the ambuzzador team, all of whom have shaped, and now live ambuzzador with so much heart and individuality.

The road to social business

As the founder and managing director of a social business consultancy, I am looking to the future with excitement and enthusiasm. Because companies need partners who understand how to orient their business processes and organisations to the dynamics new media and technologies bring with them. Examples include the opening-up of brand management inside companies (employee commitment) and outside them (participation, such as crowd sourcing), service in real time, or innovation as a daily result of business processes.
What does that mean? Over the next two years, we will see who the fittest partners for the brand management of the future really are. The race is far from over yet, and it will take place far away from the categorisation of agencies we know today. What will always be required in this fight for the customers of customers are listening, flexibility, creativity and a solutions-oriented approach.

10 years at the heart of things | The Facts

In 2004, I first brought ambuzzador to life, and by doing so established BUZZ Marketing in Austria, a concept still unknown at the time. ambuzzador identifies trends for companies through direct customer contact, wins brand ambassadors, and activates target audiences. | In 2008, the focus shifted to social media. A year later, ambuzzador was already looking after its clients’ social media presences. | By 2010, ambuzzador was implementing extensive campaigns such as Philippe’s Project for T-Mobile. By this time, social media were playing a pivotal role in the advertising strategies of companies. In 2010, ambuzzador launched the first Buzz Marketing conference ever seen in Austria, buzzattack, including the first appearance by Facebook in Austria. | In 2011 the company experienced exponential growth, taking on new clients including Austrian Airlines, OMV, BMW, MINI and Stiegl.| In 2012, THE handbook showing How to Survive a Shitstorm is published. It remains a bestseller to this day.
Every year, ambuzzador devotes itself to the various aspects of digital business with its baseline survey. | In 2013, a network of companies and bloggers, Blog n’buzz, was created. A series of events revolving around social business was launched with the Social Fitness Breakfasts. The Maibaum social media campaign for the brewery Stiegl wins gold in the DMVÖ Columbus Awards. | In 2014, the ambuzzador academy is founded, and the Social Transformation Model introduced. Today, 26 members of staff advise ambuzzador clients on how they should best navigate the road to social business. These clients include renowned brands such as Austrian Airlines, OMV, T-Mobile Austria, Nikon, EMC2, Rosenbauer, voestalpine, Siemens, Media Markt, Saturn, bipa, L’Oreal, Almdudler and Stiegl.