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Traditional agency networks are now trying to re-invent themselves as digital first. We have created the box with firms that were founded with digital at the heart of their offering. The Box Network combines the advantages of a big organization with the flexibility of independent agencies.

This is our mission:

1. We create the future of work
Digital disruption is an organizational challenge. It influences all departments and has no national borders. We consult with many international companies helping to setup digital programs. And most important: we test and develop the kind of agile organization which is needed for the digital age within our own network.

2. We are the benchmark for digital in Europe
We do the same, yet we are not competition. This gives us the unique opportunity to compare and learn from individual markets, strategies and workflows and set the standards for the future.

3. We move like a swarm of fish
We work together, test, fail and learn to evolve constantly and keep moving. We are in permanent beta.

This is our history and values we’re built on:

In 2011 Claire from France, Roger from the UK, Marco from Italy and Thomas from Germany decided to build a network to grow, learn and deliver together. We knew digital has no borders but cultures are different. We felt it was the right time to form something new and exciting: an independent network of independent agencies.


The Box has no institutional body but a shared vision. We believe in open and transparent communication, in the power of the many and the share economy. We share knowledge and ideas and work together on a base of understanding and trust.




Beyond creates interactive experiences for brands, products and services, that are designed using insight from data analytics. The agency has the aim to deliver a more compelling, enjoyable and easier to use experience.


As a consultant, trainer and implementer, we cultivate digital common sense for the long term at your organisation, putting you in pole position.


Tinkle helps brands to be relevant, talked about and respected. The agency delivers social PR communication programs across Spain and Iberia regions for market leaders.


Fortress helps brands implement social media throughout the organization. We understand the potential to make social a core part of a company’s DNA.

The Relevent Collective

The Relevent, develops communication-initiatives for the most valuable customers or employees: working on the meaningful mission, digging for the content to be told in stories and inviting the right people to interact with to tell and entertain the masses – again and again.


DOING is home to 240 digital natives who combine business experience, creativity and technological know how while focusing on people; delivering real solutions and constant evolution. Our ideas connect products to people.


PANORAMA3000 is a creative digital communications agency based in Berlin. We create digital change and help organizations turn transformational challenges into chances.

Think Kong

Think Kong is an agency based in Warsaw, Poland, which is specialized in accomplishing the customer’s business objectives by way of using social media.